Privacy Policy

Weare deeply committed to protecting the privacy of its clients and its website visitors. We respect the right of every individual to have privacy and the right not to participate in any projects they have no interest in.

We do not purposefully obtain or collect any sensitive personal data relating to its customers or visitors.

Any personal data which may be voluntarily provided by the visitors of our website shall not be kept by WOWRANGE.COM in any form apart from the website listings.

We do not collect any other personal data such as the details of your Internet Service Provider, your browser type or the type of your computer operating system. Equally, we do not collect any information about your surfing behaviour.

We do not sell, trade or share your email or any other personal sensitive data with any other company.

We do not use software to "capture" your e-mail when you browse our site, nor do we use "cookies" to identify you when you visit our website. We will never send unsolicited e-mail to anyone.

All credit card payments are processed through "PayPal"  and all credit card numbers are encrypted and are neither stored anywhere in clear text, nor kept for future transactions. 

We hope this statement has answered all of your questions regarding your right to privacy. If you have further questions, please contact us with your concerns.